Jan. 20th, 2006

The trailer for Albert Brooks' new comedy confuses me. The second protagonist in the movie appears to be a Hindu. Maybe "Looking for Comed in India and Pakistan" just didn't have quite the same ring.

Maybe the trailer is merely misleading and it really is about Muslims, but something tells me I'll never get around to actually watching the movie to answer that mildly curried question.
I think today was some sort of record. I received 27 responses to livejournal comments and posts today. Who knew so many people liked Muppets?! Now I am curious. I remember seeing them on Sesame Street and the occasional Muppet Show and thinking, "They're kind of weird." It seemed like everything with them ended in a mad musical number that left me feeling a little frazzled. Mostly, I was frightened by Miss Piggy. I didn't like the way she was always sexually assaulting Kermit. I did like Kermit and felt badly for him, but sometimes I wanted to speed his speech up a little (I'm from New York; what can I say?).

All right; time to pack, take out trash, wash some sweaters with Dry Cleaner's Secret and get ready for el hombre to pick me up. I think I need a new phone battery. It rings so low now that I can hardly hear it, and the other day I was holding it in my hand and it slowly dawned on me that it was vibrating.



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