Feb. 5th, 2006

Yesterday afternoon was beautiful. Went to Vancouver to check out the Subaru that's for sale. It looks good. It's very bare bones inside, but what can one expect for $375? The fuel pump is missing right now, but the seller is replacing it. Then I'll have my buddy Tony or my dad test drive it with me (I don't drive a stick just yet) as soon as it's ready.

At last, my dining room sliding door is installed! Yes! The window work is complete (just some cleanup needs to happen - but the debris is in the yard, and will be picked up by my contractor). *happy sigh*

Went to Michael's last night and we hung out with his roommate and his roommate's new girlfriend. We all dislike George Bush equally. Michael's roommate just exited the Navy after several years. They played Super Mario Kart while Michael and I watched The Tron Guy on Jimmy Kimmel via iTunes.

Michael revealed to me his plans for Valentine's Day: we're going up to Seattle on Sunday morning, and checking into this hotel. We will sight-see for a bit, then have dinner with his brother and his brother's wife at the restaurant (supposedly one of the best in the state) where she is a chef at. On Monday we'll take the ferry to Victoria and spend the day there, then return to our hotel that night. Tuesday we'll get up whenever we feel like it and head back to Portland. Yay - two trips to Canada in as many months! Michael's excited about it because he lived in Seattle for a couple of years and he wants me to meet his brother, too.



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