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Watching the Academy Awards last night helped me to remember how much time I used to spend watching films. Now I see about two movies a month; back when I had a very limited social life, I would watch, on average, seven a week.

A random 10 of some favorite films:

1) Before Night Falls - art and persecution in Castro’s Cuba

2) Fearless - dying to ourselves - more than once

3) The Decalogue - inspired by the 10 commandments

4) 25th Hour - coming to grips with one’s choices

5) Ed Wood - all the freaky people make the beauty of the world (franti)

6) The Secret Garden (1993) - if you were born sour, you should learn to love flowers

7) All About Eve - great one liners + female characters

8) The Widow of St. Pierre - powerful woman + anti death penalty

9) I Am Cuba - some of the best cinematography ever + an ode to a revolution

10) Karakter - complex relationship between a bewildered son and stonehearted father

My favorite actors are Sarah Polley (My Life Without Me), Daniel Auteuil (Girl on the Bridge), Juliette Binoche (see #8), Jeff Bridges (The Door in the Floor), Jeffrey Wright (Ride with the Devil), Tony Leung Chiu Wai (Ashes of Time), Rachel Weisz (Sunshine), Andre Braugher (Homicide), and a couple of other people. Honorable mention to Linus Roache, who broke my heart twice - first in Priest, then in Wings of the Dove - but never quite found a role as good as those again.

I am always looking for recommends. I am a sucker for redemption stories.

(picture: still from Mike Van Diem’s practically perfect Dutch film, Karakter)



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