Yes, I bought $2 of powerball tickets; no, I did not win. Anything. I've played Powerball maybe four or five times, and have never gotten more than one number right.

Me and gambling don't seem to have much in common, and my theory is that all of my luck has been amortized (so far) throughout the days of my life, and so while I come into fortunate situations on a regular basis, I do not expect to ever hit the "jackpot." I am not sure which is better - amortized luck or lump sum luck, but it's probably unimportant as I have no control over which one I receive. I can say that I am satisfied with amortized luck.

When I was thinking yesterday about what I'd do with $100+ million dollars, it occurred to me that after a few millions, I just don't even know. I can't fathom it. If I could just pay off my house and live mortgage-free, I'd feel like the richest girl in the world, because you can buy anything but time.

p.s. I am going to have to cut off contact with the friend for a while. I called him this morning to invite him to a belated birthday dinner, but the line went dead just after I began inviting him, and I freaked out so much that I didn't call him back. Now I would look like an IDIOT if I called him again, 20 minutes later. Maybe I will just email him at work, though I know phone calls are more "personal."

Uggh. I am turning into a moron. And I "winked" at 15 people on the personals, but NOT ONE winked back, even though most of them viewed my profile in response to my wink. If I make it to 30 without ever having had a boyfriend, it is going to take a lot of self-will or a really amazing birthday celebration to not feel like a love loser. Crossing my fingers that my Love Luck is lump sum.
Met Anika at last thursday and joined up with her friend Aidan Ayden, who is visiting from Toronto. Last Thursday is much larger and festive than I expected - and ten times better than Saturday Market. Good times. Will definitely go again next month. Didn't eat or drink anything the whole time we were out, and then - just 30 yards or so from my car, i was drawn to the "Fresh Doughnuts served daily" sign at some place I don't know the name of (Tonalli's?) on 29th and Alberta. Oh man. Warm, soft and fresh cinammon twist, and two little hot, fresh glazed donut holes. For 80 cents. Maybe it's just cuz I haven't eaten a donut in close to a year, but those were some of the best damn doughnuts I ever ate.

Of course, now my stomach will continue to expand (last night I foolishly gobbled up a little bag of Sun Chips, forgetting that they contain wheat flour). I've been puffy all day so I decided to just go for the donuts anyhow. I promise to be wheat-free until Thanksgiving. Really.

As I was buying a cute, summery wrap skirt that will be perfect for Guatemala, this fellow named Troy approached me and did the usual, "Are you from around here?" Every time a black person in Portland asks another black person this question what they really mean is, "We are not related either by blood, marriage or baby mama/daddy; from which foreign city did you arrive here?" Cuz seriously, Portland is a smaaaaaall town for black folk. I didn't know hardly any black folks here till my brother had two kids by Portland natives - now I am no more than two degrees removed from every other black person in the city. Anyway, I gave Troy my phone number. He was dressed in athletic attire, which is not really my thing, but he was polite and had a nice face. Besides, it's not like my door is getting beat down these days (or any day in history). He had the fanciest phone I've ever seen.

Now, it is almost midnight and I need to be in the bed. Tomorrow night I'm going to Pied Cow with Anika and Aidan Ayden. Yay! Guaranteed good times.


Apr. 13th, 2005 12:19 am
Reposted at [ profile] diehard_fool's request (sort of): Makeout Mastery:

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Last night I went out dancing with J and was having a good time until a 40-something year old Kenyan man decided he wanted to talk to me. To make matters worse, he talked down to me like I had no thoughts in my head. It's extremely rare that this happens to me, but when it dos I am so through with the offending party. I was cold towards him even though he persisted in pursuing a conversation. Part of me felt badly because he seemed fairly decent, and he's black like me. But part of me was like, "Dude - find someone your own age!" He was actually a good looking man, but - TOO OLD. Although everything in my body language said, "I don't want to talk to you," he asked me at the end of the night how he could get in touch with me. I told him I don't give my number out to people. Read more... )



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