Many years ago I participated often in online message boards, and I recall a conversation I had with a black man about Islam. He was vehemently anti-Islam and anti-Christian and I perceived him as wacked and "afro-centric." He told me that I and all the other black Muslims were suckers. Surprised, I asked him why he would say that? And he stated that the same people who would reject Christianity as the religion of the white slaveholders turn around and accept Islam, which is the religion of the Arab slaveholders. I told him that Islam was about liberty and there was no racism in it and Islam helped to abolish slavery, etc. He said, "Oh yeah? Then what about ..." and named off some African people that Arab Muslims had destroyed or forcibly converted. I told him that he was clearly ill-informed because when Islam spread through Africa it was willingly accepted and it was a very peaceable transition. I remember that he scoffed at me and emoted something along the lines of, *So-and-So leaps up and flees, leaving [me] to her ignorance and stupid religion.* I was taken aback and a little disturbed - that someone could make such untruths.

It's so strange to look back on my life then. Read more... )
My mom forwarded me an article (that I cannot view from work) from Naseeb Vibes about Dr. Amina Wadud's latest controversy: she led 100 congregants (women and men) in Friday prayer; she gave the khutbah (sermon) and everything. This is apparently the first time this has happened in NYC. Apparently, this event was "sponsored" (I'm not sure that's the right word) by a Canadian Muslim women's group. There is also a whole bunch of articles about this and other Muslim gender issues at Muslim Wake Up! - but in the last 15 minutes, the site has been HACKED!!!!! F*ing Salafi Computer Science Nerds! I remember those bastards from my days on IRC.

Dr. Wadud's actions have earned her ire from "scholars" across the world. Some guy in Egypt called her a repulsive, low woman. Another scholar suggested whoever stopped her would see the light of Allah. *hint hint* How depraved. She is leading Muslims in prayer. Prayer, people. Goodness, I hope she stays safe. Perhaps Islam's Reformation has dawned.



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