Mar. 21st, 2006 11:22 pm
I was so happy to learn that this family was found ... I had been really worried that they were dead, driven off the side of a cliff. I mean, how does an entire family go missing for TWO WEEKS? It just wasn't looking good. Thank goodness they were in an RV and could stay warm.
I don't think I ever heard of this dude before, but whoa - this is deep!

John Ausonius, The Laser Man.

And, on an unrelated (mostly) note, I am still sickened by what happened to Martin Lee Anderson, the 14 year old boy from Florida, who died after being beaten at a boot camp. The camp had the AUDACITY to say it was from sickle cell trait, and the coroner confirmed this, but after seeing a videotape of guards beating the boy the day before he died, the parents request an exhumation. Now, a famous expert observes the second autopsy and says that no, he died from injuries sustained by a beating from guards. The first coroner cannot be reached. The camp officials (the camp is now closed) cannot be reached.

And NO ONE HAS BEEN ARRESTED YET. The beating is on VIDEO, and no one has even been CHARGED with any crimes!

Do young black boys from low income families have any value at all in society?

And what was this kid in boot camp for? For violating his probation for trespassing on school property. Why was he even on probation? Because he and some cousins stole their grandmother's car from a church parking lot. Oh yes, an irredeemable criminal. Two hours after he arrived at the boot camp, he was sent to hospital. The next day he was dead.



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