Busy weekend for me:
-Read more about Jung - had not known he was that into the occult; interesting.
-Giving a lot of thought to my own personality functions, my Ego, my Shadow.
-Checked out Iowa site for conference; got lots of business done there.
-Spent some time in the beautiful outdoors; saw deer and horses and many birds. Walked a lot.
-Began to prioritize what I need to do to be the person I want to grow into; more on this another day, maybe.
-Wondering: What do I think about God? Should I cancel my membership at First Unitarian (not UUism)?

Today I read the book, War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning by Chris Hedges. I was very moved. The first chapter seemed a bit ho-hum and even a little redundant, but the writing improves as Hedges weaves his own insights with statements from classic Western literature and accounts of 20th century battles (ranging from Argentina, El Salvador, Kosovo, former Yugoslavia, WWII, Vietnam, etc). I did not agree with each and every one of his conclusions, but I have an appreciation for what he's seen and the thought he put into the book. It's a fast read (four or five hours) but not emotionally easy - I cried several times.

His "critics" immediately label him a Leftist such-and-such but he does not seem so leftist to me. I wish they would instead respond to what he has said. One person wrote that students at a college where he gave a commencement speech should not have shut off his microphone as they did, but should have sung "God Bless America" over his talking. Did this person not even take a peek at his chapter, "The Plague of Nationalism?" Rest of my review )

A conversation with a disabled Vietnam combat veteran last Thursday has had an emotional effect on me. The sickness I feel at not being able to do anything for him (except assure him that his $800 bill is correct) is still with me. I really need to get serious about my studies; I cannot stay in this job for more than a few more years. In 20 months I'll have been here for a decade and I've reached the beginning of the end of my corporate rope. I don't care to climb any ladders here.



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