Albert Einstein was actively anti-racist. There is hope. Too bad the people who've chronicled his life till now have failed to mention it.

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This man was a very close friend of one of my former co-workers. Reading things like this makes me sick on several levels. One, on the obvious, "when is this going to end?" level. Secondly, I feel sick that we as a UU community have not developed our own anti racism work, so how will we (as a society) ever get past things like police shootings?

On September 8, 27 year old Fouad Kaady was involved in a car crash that resulted in his gas tank exploding. He caught fire, and frantic, ran out in the street. Police in the vicinity, investigating the accident, shot and killed Kaady.

Today a grand jury cleared the police officers of any criminal wrongdoing.

Read this original article from Oregonian staff writer Stuart Thompson. As usual, the victim is depicted as crazed.

Another article from the perspective of family and friends.

The police initially claimed that Kaady was armed with a shotgun. But no weapon was found on the naked, bleeding, burnt man.

I am so sick of this. I have a natural respect for authority, and have never committed a crime - I have even considered attending police academy myself - and yet whenever I see a police car driving alongside me, or slowing down so that I'll pass it (so they can run my plates), I get nervous. I get very, very nervous. Why should so many of us live with this fear?
I am writing my letters in the morning. I am not blind and I am not MUTE, goddammit! I will call you out, media bastards!

Black People Loot and White People Survive
This article made me laugh. Not at the thought of a European American Heritage Month - no, that doesn't bother me; I'm all for putting European American history in perspective (though I'm not naive enough to believe that it will happen anytime soon). No; it was comments like this one (bolding is mine):

Calabro believes that a heritage month would reduce discrimination and defamation directed against European Americans as well as minimize negative associations of European Americans. “Everything taught in schools about European Americans is negative, like how [European Americans] took over the land from [Native Americans]. Why not focus on the positive? Why be ashamed to be European American? We made this country but now are a minority in terms of participation and numbers,” he said.

Understanding other human beings is the greatest challenge of all.



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