Aug. 24th, 2003

Met with Sabby for lunch at Grand Central. Had the "Cubano" sandwich (with tofu instead of pork loin), which is served on their Grande Bolo (sp?) roll; delicious!

Sabby's got a dilemma about work; she's been unemployed for over a month and now suddenly she's got all of these job options. She has some tough decisions to make about which direction she'll take. Hopefully whatever she goes for will work out well. I want her to be more than "okay;" I want her to be thoroughly happy.

Went to Ashley's housewarming party. Oh, the house she's staying in is absolutely lovely. I was inspired by the tasteful simplicity of it. Part of the living room has white-panelled walls - oooh. The yard is the size of two lots and is a very park-like setting. Got to meet her family and some of her friends from school and an Episcopalian church. All really nice people - intelligent, well-spoken, friendly. I had some good conversations. Great food. Unfortunately, none of the other UU women showed up while I was there. I wish we'd been more supportive. I left around quarter to 9 for Heather's party.

The crowd there was totally different, as I expected. But I had a good time there. Met Heather's sister, who is a sweetheart and fire danced for us. Firedancing is a beautiful thing. I was enthralled. I would like to learn how to do it, but it takes a long time to get good enough to use the fire. I'll think about it. Got to meet a couple of other new folks, but most everyone I'd already met at least once or knew from work. Played air hockey a few times. When I played with Chris, I was good; playing by myself I sucked big, big time. Drank just a little, but the night air got to me. Felt so sleepy that I ended up dozing for about 40 minutes alone in the house. When I woke up I felt so much better and able to drive without falling asleep.

On the way home I wanted something comforting to listen to, so I put in Jeff Buckley's Grace CD. Listened to Mojo Pin, the title track, This is Our Last Goodbye, and a bit of Lilac Wine before I got home. Four minutes into Mojo Pin is extremely sexy; three minutes and 25 seconds into Grace just rocks my world. Then I sat in the car in front of the house and played Hallelujah, which seemed to massage my soul after a day of putting forth so much emotional energy. I sang along for a bit of it, then realized that the key to singing with pleasure is not thinking about how you sound, but feeling the music and the sentiment. Being so self-conscious, that's never hit me before. I hope I can remember this. It applies to other things, as well, I suppose.

If I have a daughter, maybe I'll name her Grace.



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