Sep. 26th, 2003

I can't be tired yet ... things are just getting started. Still have to call the mortgage broker; hope he's open tomorrow. Got paperwork from Wells Fargo - they want a lot of assurances and info. It was rather surprising to me at first, then I realized that it makes sense that they wouldn't just hand over all that money to anyone who asked.

Class last night was nice; African American Autobiography seems like it'll be more interesting than I'd thought it would. We watched a little bit of Eyes on the Prize - just the section on Emmett Tills. My stomach felt sick. The fact that a 14 year old boy was tortured and murdered for talking "fresh" to a white girl. Every time I see footage of the protestors who screamed and tried to intimidate the first black students to integrate high schools, I think, "Where are those people now? Where are their children?" and I feel a little afraid because I don't know where they are.

Adam and Rob advised me this evening that in order to find a guy I need to present myself as more "accessible." It's true I do come off as a bit prissy sometimes. Not because I really am, but because I'm so cautious and on guard. People might mistake my reserve as unwelcoming. But I don't want to be that way. I don't feel that way at all. I am very welcoming! Rob asked me, "When was the last time you smiled at a man who walked past you?" What if I come across as severe?! Hmmm. I do have a nice smile. As Amy March would say, it's my "one beauty."

I'm going to see Widow of Saint-Pierre tomorrow night. Oh, I love that movie. It's on the big screen! Whee. And day after that is Girl on the Bridge. Love it! Why am I so charmed by Daniel Auteuil?



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