Oct. 15th, 2003

So I left work early yesterday to give myself six hours to read and take notes on The Sorrows of Young Werther for my course in Love and Sexuality. I wanted to be prepared for tonight's discussion, but I arrived at class only to discover that I had done the wrong reading! Werther is for next week; tonight we were scheduled for writings of Ovid, Cappelanious (sp?), St. Augustine and the letters of Heloise and Abelard. And I hadn't touched any of those materials!

Marsha called me last night while I was reading and invited me to a Scandinavian Festival Gala that is taking place Saturday night. For some insane reason (friendship?) I said yes. I even spent $35 on the ticket. And all the while I'm thinking, "Surely, I will be the only black person there!" Hell, I'll probably be the only person there with dark hair. Aside from Marsha, of course, who is like me, only 20 years older. But at least she has the benefit of having spent the past 22 years in Denmark. The only thing I know about Denmark is that it's the setting for Hamlet and Viggo Mortensen visits family there from time to time. I think the Swedes have good sweet breads. The Norwegians were great explorers. And the Finnish speak a language that nobody in Europe can learn. {sigh} I'm an idiot. Once again, I'm putting myself in a situation where I'll feel completely awkward and out of place. But at least I'll have Marsha, who insists it will be "an interesting cultural experience." I hope she is right; I don't want to have paid $35 to be the object of hostile stares all evening.

I'd better buy a new dress for the event.

Took a break from schoolwork last night to twist my hair and popped in Sex and Lucia. The movie is long and unwieldy, but the characters and story are fairly fantastical. The DV work was impressive; it's the nicest I've seen so far and did not make me long for film at all. Hmm.



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