Dec. 8th, 2003

Went to Dania's Furniture shop on lunch hour today. I saw a sofa that just spoke to me: the Crawford. But see, the default color of the sofa is the color I was thinking of painting the living room wall. I could order it in another color, which would take about three months. And that's cool. But then I also saw the Michigan Avenue and it is in a beautiful color. It's also $200 more, longer and a little less typical. I could get the Crawford in the same color, but the fabric isn't as smooth - though a higher grade is available for the same price as the default Michigan Avenue sofa.

I will first try to find it or something similar for less.

Dania's got some beautiful office set ups - too bad it's all "ready to assemble." ARGH! I swore after my last experience that I was never buying RA furniture again, but it's so expensive not to. Unless I go used.
I think there should be a new punctuation mark - one that conveys the emotion that lies somewhere between "." and "!"
Was I out of my mind? How could I possibly think that I would want to spend $1000 on a sofa? How could I have spent as much valuable time as I did thinking about what furniture to buy?

I just finished reading a New Yorker profile of Toni Morrison and felt like slapping my hands together, jumping out of my seat and saying, "Alright! Where do I start?" You know, start being a real person interested in real matters, being generative, that sort of thing. And then I metaphorically looked around and realized I can't start quite yet as I'm much too far behind.

And when I get too far behind, I forget myself in the not-so-good way and my brain starts to fill up with thoughts of things. Less me = more things. No! No! That is a step in the wrong direction, spiritually speaking.

So no more of this Ikea, Dania, Pottery Barn, Wickes, Restoration, Mobelworks nonsense for some time. It's true that I need a bed, and I will get one. And I need a desk, and I will get one. But fussing and plotting and pouring over catalogs and galleries is not what I need to be doing. Once again I've been sucked in by the notion that the purchase of an object will endow me with the same qualities it is intended to represent.

p.s. A first: Burning my tonsils tonight with a mouthful of scalding hot pizza cheese; that'll teach me.



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