Dec. 30th, 2003

T- and Roberto keep telling me that I will have beautiful babies. I would love that.

For today, some quotes from Perplexities and Paradoxes by Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo, that opinionated, civic-minded existentialist philosopher-writer of Salamanca who wrote of "the democratic fallacy":

-And I shall be asked, “What is your religion?” and I shall answer that my religion is to seek truth in life and life in truth, conscious that I shall not find them while I live ….

-The honorable masses are honorable, but they have no opinions or social conscience, and one neither can nor should count on what they seem to think and believe, because in reality they neither think nor believe anything.

-Fighting with one another men learn to love, to have compassion. Those who lie dead on the battlefield rest together and share a common peace. War has been and is the mother of compassion, which we call love; peace is the mother of envy. Life and calm must be exposed continually; only thus do they attain their just value.

-Peace and democracy almost necessarily engender envy. War is its best remedy. But note well that the war that accomplishes is the war that one plans against himself, the war against the mystery of our lives and of our destiny.

-Moral fibre is very widely scattered among us, and there are many persons who consider themselves cultured because they bathe daily, but whose souls are filled with filth.

Now I must go scrub the bathroom tiles.



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