Why do I get chills whenever I hear Lionel Richie singing, Say You Say Me? Part nostalgia. Part melody, perhaps? But today I actually listened to the lyrics; I never realized how lovely they were. Songs about loneliness vs. togetherness are the best.

"Say You, Say Me"

Say you, say me
Say it for always, that's the way it should be
Say you, say me
Say it together, naturally

I had a dream I had an awesome dream
People in the park playing games in the dark
And what they played was a masquerade
And from behind of walls of doubt a voice was crying out


As we go down life's lonesome highway
Seems the hardest thing to do is to find a friend or two
A helping hand - some one who understands
That when you feel you've lost your way
You've got some one there to say I'll show you


So you think you know the answers - oh no
well, the whole world has got you dancing
That's right - I'm telling you
It's time to start believing - oh yes
Believing who you are - you are a shining star

People sometimes forget that white folks aren't the only ones who can be eccentric.

Case in point: Erykah "My eyes are green cuz I eat a lot of vegetables" Badu.

I love wacky black folk! Even though they are ... wacky.

Where are the other wacky poc?

I think it's great that I always get my Latina magazine several days before I'm scheduled to go out of town. Airplane reading!
There is so much music that makes me feel hopelessly human. My absolute favorite Tracy Chapman song, "The Love That You Had" (from Matters of the Heart) never fails to put me into another plane of existence. Hans Zimmer's "Journey to the Line." Henryk Gorecki's "Symphony #3.1." Donny Hathaway's "Song to You." Nick Cave's "Right Out of Your Hand" - the piano at the end!.

God, such talent. Suspending the passing of life for a few minutes at a time.
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Saw Amos Lee today. He has a beautiful voice; sounds better live than on the CD, and his band was very good. Afterwards, I went to get my CD signed and he said, "What's your name?" I said, "It's hard to pronounce," and spelled it out. He wrote it out very carefully, then asked how to say it. I told him and he looked right at me and said, "Aww, that's a beautiful name." I wanted to kiss him right then. He is so soft-spoken and very still. He has a face like a lion's - but slender. The biggest eyes ever. He used to be a schoolteacher! *smitten* Check out the CD, y'all.

Adopted a child today from the Dominican Republic through Children Internationa. Those young folks hanging out on street corners finally nabbed me!

I looked really good today, with my white skirt and white blouse and brown leather boots. I had a perfect hair day, and the 74 degree weather gave me a spring in my step. I got lots of compliments. I felt so good about myself that I didn't punk out about getting Amos's autograph - I walked right up to him, smiled and said, "Hello!" Usually I shy away from musicians but I didn't worry this time.



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