Aug. 25th, 2003

Felt accomplished at work today; got lots done, had some good conversations with customers, and the day flew by.

Took an extended lunch and headed over to Elephant's to meet Kelly. I missed her birthday while I was in NY, so on the way, I picked up a gift certificate from the flower shop; I wanted her to make her own bouquet (I am not good at this and didn't know if she had any allergies). For lunch, had a cup of Elephant's tomato-orange soup and a basil, tomato and mozzarella mini-sandwiches. I'm a dunker, so I dunked my sandwich into the soup - ahhhhhhh. There is a word for this, but I won't use it in vain.

We watched the ballet company do their practice-in-the-park and talked about general things. It was such a beautiful afternoon; we promised to get together again soon.

After work I met up with Jeremiah and four others to catch Buffalo Soldiers. It was funny. Joaquin is always great, though his role here isn't as nuanced as others (e.g. Gladiator, Quills, The Yards) he's played. There are a couple of scenes in which he's sitting with Anna Paquin and speaking so politely; his smile is ironic though - as though he were an insane man who'd suddenly taken on the airs of a gentleman. Why do I like Anna Paquin? I think because she is so unconventional in her looks; technically she's not "pretty" but she's still rather hot in a grungy, unmanufactured sort of way. I like that she hasn't had her teeth capped or her nose done. Still, she's not Jena Malone. I think Jena Malone has knocked Natalie Portman out of the picture (sorry, she was dull as tombs in the two Star Wars movies) and is now second only to Sarah Polley in the "Favorite Female Actors under 30" category.

After the movie we had an interesting discussion at a nearby pizza place about Howard Dean, drugs, hip hop, cults, and religious subcultures.



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