Sep. 4th, 2003

Decided to go for two certificates while I'm working on the B.A: Business and Management, which I'd like to have completed next summer, followed by Conflict Resolution and Mediation. Those courses can be my electives. I'm not quite sure what I'd make of a Cultural and Historical Studies major with a focus on History of Modern Identities possessing certificates in Business/Management and Mediation, but hey ... whatever works.

Had an amazing conversation yesterday with a couple of co-workers at the office - about Mormons, Bahais, Muslims and other religious minorities. I live for that sort of thing.

Reading Palahniuk's Choke for the book discussion group. Downbeat yet hilarious so far. Maybe a little self-aware. One of the emerging themes is the act of living in the past. It's funny, though, because I don't feel like I do that at all. If anything, I tend to forget the past and live too much in the future. Plans, plans, plans. Lists, lists, lists. I wonder what that means? I want to finish this book to see what happens to Vincent, the protagonist.

Got a call from Jerry reminding me of my new ushering commitment. This will be my first week ushering at the church; it will be fun, but I must remember not to wear heels! Last thing I need is to stumble in front of 800 people.

Sabby just called me - Mark's birthday is the day after mine and Sabby's is like six days after mine, so they thought it would be cool to have a Virgo party next weekend. That sounds okay to me; I wasn't planning on doing anything at all for my "birfdee" and that's good middle ground.



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