Oct. 18th, 2003

Just got back from the Northern Lights gala event; the folks were still having fun, dancing and eating sweet cookies when Marsh and I left. I don't care for cookies much myself, but I did like the flat breads they set out, which are like sweet crackers. The hors d'oevres (sp?) they served all night were tasty, too.

It was a fun time. I was seriously dreading the reception there, but was pleasantly surprised at how nice people were to us. When we departed, half a dozen people in the foyer called out, "Thanks for coming," and several people kept checking in on us to make sure we were enjoying ourselves - but not in an overweening or phony way at all.

And Erik was right about the blond factor - most of the folks there were dark haired, particularly the men. White/greyheads excluded.

The president of the Norse Hall, Mr. Crompton, came up to us when we walked in the door, bellowed, "WELCOME LADIES" and told us where drink tickets and restrooms were. Oddly enough, the president of the Hall is ... Scottish. As in, from Scotland - "brogue," white goatee and all. I liked hearing him say the word, "landmark."

Kirk, another older gentleman who is in charge of something or other, came over and talked to us several times. He asked Marsha, then me, if we cared to dance. The music was great (16 piece swing band), but Marsha doesn't know how to dance to big band, and I don't know how to dance at all, so we declined. But now I wish I had given it a try; it would have been fun. I promised him I would learn to dance and then come back.

Kirk joked about the Scots and how it was okay for a Scotsman to run the Hall because the Norwegians "took care of them" so long ago that there's no harm in letting the Scots have a go at things now and again. I asked what he meant about the Norwegians besting the Scots, and he said, "Oh didn't you know?" and proceeded to remark that some drunken Vikings fell off their ships back in the day, scrambled onto Scotland and Ireland and wreaked havoc there for some years. He claimed Leif Ericksen's mother was a redhead from thereabouts. I told him I had a bit of Irish blood in me (1/16), but not to let on to any Scottish folk he knew since it wasn't likely to endear them to me in any way. He thought this was funny.

All in all, a charming evening. I love listening to good live music and watching other people enjoy themselves on the dance floor. Marsha might go to the Halloween party being held there next week.

Didn't get home till 2 a.m. last night, following Heather's birthday gathering at the Saucebox. Finally got to talk to Andrea, who happened to meet Jonah at the VC a week or so ago; we both agreed he was a sweetie. Before Heather's get-together, I had drinks with the boys at Jax; haven't been there in a while. Drank four martinis last night and was feeling a little hung over this morning. Downing a glass of water and nibbling on a piece of potato bread seemed to fix me right up.

Went to Nordstrom's to look for a party dress and got the cold shoulder from the blonde girl in that section; the selection at Nordstrom sucks so I just wore my black tiered 40s-ish dress with the black beading. Went to the nylon department and picked up a pair of hosiery; the girl there was a sweetheart to me.

Almost done with Robinson Crusoe; finally got to the part where "Friday" enters the picture. Have cringed quite a few times reading this book; Crusoe is nauseatingly patronizing. It's a good book, though. A bit redundant and perhaps longer than necessary, but entertaining nonetheless.

Time for bed. I need to lose ten pounds by next Saturday. At least five. Preferably 15. I have the perfect dress for the murder mystery party but I can't zip it up on the side!



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